Artist Statement

Hi! My name is Rebeca Sweeton (she/her) and I’m the artist and owner behind Spare Pots.  I work in clay and sometimes incorporate illustrations into my work.

I mainly hand-build, but I am starting to work a bit more on the wheel.

My pottery is nerdy, whimsical, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Like me, my pottery isn’t perfect and I’m not striving for perfection. Through my work, I hope to remind people of the joys of simplicity, the enchantment of the every day, and the value of embracing their inner child.

In the past, I have struggled with not having a distinctive style, but now I realize that the variety and diversity in my work are my superpowers.

Artist Biography

Rebecca Sweeton was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. After getting her bachelor's (Anthropology-Zoology) and master's (Human-Computer Interaction) degrees from the University of Michigan, she worked as a web and graphic designer for 20 years.

Rebecca started making pottery in 2021. She works out of Yourist Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

When not in the studio, she spends time with her husband Dave, their dog (Pixel), and their cat (Kaladin). She loves reading and watching sci-fi and fantasy, playing board games, and trying new vegan restaurants.

Green Pledge

Pottery is a resource-heavy craft. It requires a lot of water, electricity, gas, and minerals. I try to make greener choices whenever possible.

All of my shipping materials: cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc., and my market supplies: shopping bags and tissue paper, are all secondhand. I use plastic-free, paper tape to seal boxes.

My business cards are made from recycled paper. I buy twine for my ornaments from my local craft reuse store.

I'm trying to make my business as eco-friendly as possible without greenwashing. If you have any ideas on how I can do better for our planet, please send me a message.

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